Human resources



In any behaviour related to our human resource practices, work and our relationships the following rules are our principles;


  • To keep at the forefront of health and well-being the safety of our company, and our employees,
  • To be responsible for society, nature and the environment and acting in accordance with moral values and ethical principles
  • To keep at the forefront of the employee motivation and their loyalty to the ANTAKYA GALVANİZ,
  • To provide opportunities to the employees for continuing education and self-improvement,
  • Career planning for our employees to maximize their productivity,
  • To create equal opportunity between our employees,
  • To follow clear and open management policy,
  • Protection of moral and material rights of our employee,
  • We continuously review our human resources policy update and improve it is our basic principle.


The reason which brought ANTAKYA GALVANİZ to the current level; It is the result of adopting of all our employees to our company culture and basic principles and to keep safety fence systems themselves open to learning and continuous improvement.
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