About Us


Galvanized Antakya company's has been in operation since 2010  in a total area of  11,898 m2 ( indoor area is 5,304 m2 and  outdoor area is 6,594 m2).   The  size of our galvanizing plant (galvanizing oven) is 7.0 * 5.0 * 7.0 m . Antakya  Galvanize  in 1996  began its commercial life with Öz İş Metal.  İt added YSL to  it’s body in 2008. Öz İş Metal which made progress in metal sector stepped into the Galvanize  sector  and established Antakya Galvaniz.

Antakya Galvaniz was established  with the aim  to meet the needs of the galvanize  arising from it’s work in the metal industry and  the needs in the region for galvanize. İt provides services  for  the production of  galvanized road barrier  and its equipment, production  of   lighting poles and  provide  services to assembly and galvanizing  them  . Also  provide  services  for the galvanization needs of the area. 

The activities of ANTAKYA GALVANİZ can be listed as follows:


To meet the galvanization needs of the area in a good national and international standards and in an environmentally sensitive manner and take into consideration the customer satisfaction.



with the continuous self-improvement system to improve the quality of the galvanize sector in the industry